Re-Enlighten Yourself Workshop

Every philosophy/religion/faith/practice/belief system guiding mankind towards becoming one’s best possible self is saying the same thing: There is a powerful “something” within you that needs to be tapped into. I have some tools that can help to Re-Enlighten Yourself. Why bother? Well, your life will improve in more ways than you can imagine from your relationships to communication, to becoming more positive and less depressed. You will likely get high, without substance, along the journey too!

The Re-Enlightenment Workshop will be held on May 11th in NYC from 10:00am to 5:00pm, with a healthy, organic SakaraLife lunch because after all you are what you eat, so eat clean! The day will be filled with various meditative postures both standing and sitting with different brain and breathing exercises based on the ancient energy practice of Qigong. There are a bunch of different types of Qigong, but only a few teachers in the world know about some of the stuff we will be doing because it was kept such a secret! The goal is to open your energy centers and allow the universes energy to flow through your mind, body and spirit, allowing you to release blockages you may not even know you had.

Everyone reacts differently, but some of the most common things I’ve seen include laughing, crying, spontaneous movements, shaking, dilated pupils, sweats, and chills. The workshop is aimed to heal your mind, body, and spirit- improving your emotional, physical, and metaphysical wellbeing, AND bringing you closer to that powerful source that lies within all of us. It will also be a musical experience with beats as diverse as Mongolian chanting to progressive house. Did I mention you might even get high or have an out of body experience along the way?

As a doctor, I was skeptical at first, but my own experience changed my mind quickly. Over 3000 papers have been published in the medical literature on Qigong. It has been used for the treatment and prevention of mental disorders including depression and anxiety. Impressively, one study showed that practicing Qigong stops the progression of colon cancer; at the molecular level it was causing the cancer cells to physically die. Some papers showed a trend towards improved immunity. It will even increase the number of bowel movements you have due to the specific breathing technique used during Qigong (yes, this was a paper I found). The list goes on.

Some testimonial statements include,  “Wow, that was cool.” “I had a warm sensation between my eyes, as if someone was touching the area.” “I feel electrified.” An integrative energy healer, who has been to many different energy workshops around the country, told me it was the most powerful thing she ever experienced and even asked us to hold a workshop in Westchester so that her clients can attend.  

Heck, I’ll share part of my experience with you. I’m high on life! Literally! No substance needed! My friends and colleagues express to me that my communication skills have strengthened. I see everything through a positive lens. I have left judgment in the past, which is why I find people opening up to me so that I can help.  My favorite comment of all is when people tell me I am glowing, from my skin to my aura; many have said this to me, even strangers. I’ve never been happier and I want to share this amazing stuff with anyone and everyone willing.

I ask you to “be curious, not judgmental” as Walt Whitman said. Ask yourself if you want to grow and evolve into the best possible you. Do you want to experience the energy of the universe and all the positivity it has to offer? I ask you to trust the process. I invite you to Re-Enlighten Yourself. You can register here. We look forward to changing your life.

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Dr. Nikki Noce’s primary focus is prevention and anti-aging through aesthetic medicine, yoga/meditation, and nutrition. She received her Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine and completed her internship at NYU Medical Center. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from New York University in Psychology and Nutrition. Doctor Noce is also a certified Yoga Alliance instructor. For more on Dr. Nikki Noce and her services, visit
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